Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Systems Development

We see mobile devices as portals into business data. We can provide comprehensively designed, precisely implemented and deeply integrated solutions that connect business to the mobile tool. In the varisous domains below, we see the mobile device as indespensible in connecting to, communicating with and consolidation of business and its data. It is our instrument of choice.

Secure Mobile Data

Mobile platforms provide a multitude of ways for communicating all forms of information. There is a growing need and opportunity for using this medium as a means of distributing complex personal information - such as financial transactions. To do this, you need security and reliability in the mobile environment. Hyperspectives Consulting is working in partnership to evolve a platform that provides the end user with the confidence and security necessary to enact transactions of this type. Portable, pervasive and instant communication of critical information is a central them of Hyperspectives' technology strategy.

IT Governance

Information and the technology that supports it represent the most valuable and often least understood enterprise asset. Recognizing the benefits of information technology and putting it to use it to drive stakeholder value is essential, and understanding and managing the associated risks, such as increasing regulatory compliance and critical dependence of business processes on information technology is mandatory in business today. Hyperspectives' IT Governance framework establishes a manageable and incremental implementation approach, helping our clients to establish executive and board level control of IT functions while delivering measurable value at each step.

Process Analysis, Maturity and Improvement

Guided by industry standards and benchmarks, Hyperspectives Consulting guides and manages documenting the “as-is” and “to be” definitions of business processes. Applying a “just enough” approach to process definitions allows the business to achieve fast and measurable gains. Typical gains include reduced rates of error or failure, faster execution, and reduced costs. The Hyperspectives methodology brings agile priority management to process improvement, ensuring that the focus is always placed on the process areas that will deliver greatest benefit to the business.

Meta Data Management

Meta data management is an ongoing challenge for the management team, and for the IT organization. Typically, there will be systems and processes operating all across the enterprise, each focused on managing some aspects of meta data. For example, it is often the case that every business unit has its own definitions for data, “Customer” being the primary example. To the Finance department, “Customer” means an account with a value attached to it. To Customer Services it means anyone with a business relationship to the business. To Sales it means someone that the business can earn revenue from and for Marketing it means something else again. Creating a common repository for definitions like this is essential to getting to the heart of these differences.

Executable Data Governance™

One of the most crucial aspects of IT Governance, and also one that can be leveraged for direct value to the enterprise is Data Governance. The Hyperspectives Governance Framework provides management executives with an agile tool set, allowing clear and unambiguous prioritization of governance issues. Data is the life blood of the modern enterprise, and coupling state of the art meta data management with managed and visible IT governance creates a foundation for excellence. The framework is built around executable change management processes, ensuring that the governance stakeholders always have proper control and decision making involvement in matters involving the definitions and uses of data.

High Volume Data Analytics - Big Data

The large enterprise today has a serious challenge when trying to understand and measure performance and when attempting to first understand and then to drive customer behavior. Very often, the volume and volatility of business data permit only a very small amount – frequently a single digit percentage – to be held for analytical purposes. The result is that many people become involved in defining how this data is captured, how it is measured on the fly, and how the results are interpreted. The Hyperspectives architecture for High Volume Data Analytics permits much more business data to be examined, and reduces the complexity of the analytical tools, removing barriers and dependencies that frequently deter business analysts from obtaining the results that they require.

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Business can't afford to base its decision making on low quality, out of date, or poorly understood data. For competitive advantage, raw data must be translated into information, and information into knowledge. The Data Warehouse holds the key to understanding the customer, the marketplace, and the internal performance of the business. Hyperspectives provides world class services to help the business locate, understand, gather and manage data assets wherever they exist in the organization. We support and deliver implementations from the ground up, as well as improvements in existing systems.

Pro-active Business Intelligence™

Traditional business intelligence is implemented with the sole purpose to inform management. Pro-Active Business Intelligence adds to that the ability to control business processes with output from the business intelligence environment. Many businesses are subject to changing demands that result from external factors, and while the factors may not be well understood, the business intelligence team is often the first to detect and measure an impact. Pro-active Business Intelligence connects the output of such measurements back into the up-stream business processes, allowing instant adjustment to external influences.


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